Innovators: The Time is Now

According to Dan Fletcher, the former managing editor at Facebook, the multimedia world is ripe and ready for a new idea. “It seems like there’s a greater appetite for experimentation”, said Fletcher. “Places like Circa and NowThisNews are rethinking how journalism is packaged and distributed in a mobile world, while projects like Matter, Atavist, and The Magazine are seeing if people will pay for a great story, given to them in a way that honors the reading experience.”

In a world that craves new content and unique voices there is a place at the table for innovative ideas. The internet offers a unique platform to share ideas, experiences, knowledge, random thoughts and beliefs. However, the world of content has, in a sense, become saturated by an overabundance of creativity. There is simply so much content and so many dynamic writers utilizing these platforms to project their views that many skilled writers and potential visionaries have unfortunately become lost in the shuffle.

Given the oversaturation of creative content, where does next big opportunity lie? Fletcher believes that the opportunity lies in the monetization of this overabundance of content. Quality work is plentiful, yet, there is not currently a platform that compels people to pay for this content.

“Journalists are producing great work, maybe more great work than at any point in history,” said Fletcher. “And therein lies the problem — what makes this a great moment to be a reader makes it a tough moment to be a producer.”

Fletcher continues, “There’s going to be a great deal of creativity in how companies approach these challenges, though — I think we’ll see a variety of successful models, some of which will include new forms of advertising and some of which will require reader support.”

The content is available. The question is, how do we sell it? The first person to come up with the answer to that question may come to be considered the world’s next great innovator.



Mediashift Idealab: “Former Facebook ME Dan Fletcher: ‘It’s a Great Time to Launch a New Publication” May 21. 2013


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