Changing the Movie Theater Experience One Virtual Reality at a Time

Virtual Reality,or VR, is soon to become popular due to devices such as Occulus Rift, a headset that would make a gamer feel like they are actually in the game themselves, not just using a controller. After many years of hype Occulus Rift, a Virtual Reality Headset,  will become available in March for 600 dollars and will allow viewers to feel like they are physically part of the scene they are looking at. Developers have been able to reduce headset prices from 40,000 dollars to just 600 dollars, which will let a wider variety of people experience Virtual Reality for themselves.

Recently just this past month at Sundance writers and movie producers have been showing off their Virtual Reality films. “Here at Sundance 2016, more VR experiences than ever are being showcased as part of the film festivals New Frontier Program, which celebrates new or alternative forms of creative expression.” According to Lorenza Brascia of CNN. Creators say that VR is going to change the way stories can be told. Film studios are partnering with tech companies that create VR headsets, such as Occulus Rift,  to produce content collectively.

This brings up the question of “is this something people will actually want to experience?” For example, it could become a fearful encounter hearing a voice from a game or video telling you to jump off the plane you are on. Through the VR headset you are seeing the scene as if you are actually there.  A player does not see the character on the screen they are controlling, because in this case the character is actually them.   Although the player is not actually jumping physically, your brain knows that but your body is still uneasy. This will be a headset for the brave and adventurous.

The view a player sees while wearing their VR headset

The view a player sees while wearing their VR headset


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3 thoughts on “Changing the Movie Theater Experience One Virtual Reality at a Time

  1. Reading your article and also your blog was really interesting for many reasons! Being somebody who plays video games thinking about something like this is really exciting. I know that for a while they have been working on the idea of having things like these but I was not under the impression that it could be soon. With that being said in the age that we live in and with all of the technological advances being made it isn’t necessarily surprising that it is on the way out. Great article and great blog!


  2. It’s a brave new world. I’m surprised something like this has taken so long to get here though. As with most new innovations there is likely to be some issues and complaints but this is undoubtedly a step toward the next big thing.


  3. Wow, that’s awesome. I tried a virtual reality headset at Imagine RIT of a chess game, and the coolest thing was being able to look around the setting by moving your head. It’s crazy to think that one day, you could feel like you’re part of the set of a movie. However, about the question “is this something people will actually want to experience?”, I think most people would be too afraid to watch an entire movie in virtual reality.


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