Over-the-top services Fighting?

People don’t really think about who is on top of the instant video totem pole. However the companies sure do care. Over-the-top are always fighting for the top spot. Now even more companies are joining the race for the lead.
Spotify announced that video and podcasting will now become a part of the app. Amazon is not to happy about this. To have competition for music is not something Amazon wants. All of these services are neck and neck for customers. Netflix on the other hand is realizing that all of these services are catching up to them. With the change in services people are going to start looking else where for their content. What these services don’t see is that even though they are competing against each other they are ahead of everyone else.
Truthfully all of them are far more stronger than most digital entertainment and don’t even realize it. It is always going to be important for an app or digital piece to have the ability to stream videos instantly. Until every single app, like Facebook, has that ability to show instant videos of tv shows and movies these services will have nothing to worry about.


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