New Year, New Media: What to Expect in 2016

Everyone has heard the phrase “New Year, New Me” an unbearable number of times, but what many of us have yet to hear is what those in the media and journalism industry are predicting for this new year. Nieman Lab asked some of the “smartest people” their predictions for 2016. Based on some of the predictions, it seems advertisers are going to have to find their stance on the print vs. digital debate.

In Figuring Out Digital Ads, Learning to Love Print Again, David Chavern of Associated Press of America, predicts 2016 will be the year that advertisers can make lots of money from digital ads. In the past, it has been difficult to find where print and TV stops to allow for a more intimate ad that consumers “want” to watch. If they are good enough, even advertisements can be something that people enjoy watching. This seems like a pretty plausible prediction given the growing trend of digitization.

For example, something like this could not be done without digitization:


The second part of the prediction surprised me. He states, “there will be a new and growing appreciation for the power and value of print advertising.” This happens to be the exact opposite of another prediction, by Carla Zanoni of the Wall Street Journal. She states, “Print is Dead, but Print’s Skills Aren’t”. Zanoni does not see the same future for print. However, she does recognize the value in being able to create amazing print. This leaves me wondering if the skills she has taken note of may just end up being essential to the Digital Ad boom that Chavern predicts.

Take a look at the ads that AdWeek called the best of 2015. Many of the advertisements have the capability of using print and digital to reach consumers. Think about this Nike ad:

Once a consumer has seen the digital ad, it may be helpful to later reach the same person with the same campaign through a print ad that simply says “Short a Guy” and a picture of him playing one sport. In this way, it is helpful to have digital and print to make a big impact. That makes me wonder, could just the print advertisement get the same attention of the consumer as just the digital?

Whether it be digital ads, print, or both that soar this year, it will be interesting and fun to watch what advertisers do!

(Click here to check out all the predictions) 



2 thoughts on “New Year, New Media: What to Expect in 2016

  1. I hope print still has a future! It would be a sad time if our society got rid of something that has been part of our history for so long. Aside from the business part of things, the emotional side in me says print needs to stick around awhile longer.


  2. I think print advertising definitely still has a part to play. We’ve seen some amazing art printed that could never be translated to digital. Do you have a favorite print ad?


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