Facebook Instagram and Gun Sales O My!


So I stumbled onto popsci.com earlier today, and found an interesting article.  Of course, just like many other articles, it was the headline that drew me in: “Facebook, Instagram to Ban Private Gun Sales on Sites.”  Well, maybe I’m in the minority here, but I wasn’t even aware that gun sales were taking place on Facebook, much less Instagram.  Now, I am admittedly fairly unfamiliar with Instagram, but Facebook, I have used for over a decade.  I was shocked.  Shock was of course not at the banning of the gun sales, but of the fact that this was news worthy, gun sales on the site were that big of a problem to begin with.  I guess this brings to mind all of the gun control talk that has filled our country for years, and has become a hot topic in our very own state (NY) as well.  I suppose this just goes to prove something I have always said, and that is that if people want guns, no matter the restrictions, wait periods, or any other hurdles in their way, they will find a way to get those guns.  Maybe our law enforcement agencies need to take a deeper look into things like this, and maybe government as a whole should take note.  Is it really stopping violent incidents if we increase wait periods for guns?  Does it matter if we beef-up the background checks?  My personal beliefs aside, these two gun sale methods surely didn’t have those same hurdles associated with them, or any real hurdles for that matter. Basically, I feel that the entire gun control issue is out of control, and people in general need to take a more realistic look at it.  Plain and simple, if people want guns, they are going to find a way to get those guns.  What scares me though, is that gun sales were even taking place on social media.  I guess I am maybe a bit sheltered, and maybe that naïve?  Oh well, at least gun sales on these two sites is no more!  It was an interesting article, leaving me to wonder, what else can you do on Facebook and Instagram?



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