Schools are now seeing great use of virtual reality in the classroom

After the hype from the creation of Oculus Rift (now owned by Facebook), the world began to wonder if the big future tech was going to be virtual reality, especially after seeing Microsoft’s demos for its HoloLens.  Trying to use this literally life altering technology for even greater applications is now becoming a possibility with education.

Enhancing the ways of learning for children has been a focal point for certain subjects such as biology, anatomy and architecture. Multiple VR start-ups are going to allow 3-D interactive learning not only possible, but affordable.  Projections by Citi Bank’s Kota Ezawa state that this is the year for the virtual reality market to boom; the technology is getting cheaper ($20-99 per headset). Education is already starting to shift to incorporate new technology into the classroom with the use of iPads and Chromebooks, and VR is the next step.

Virtual reality is going to bring an immersive education to students not only on a local level, but also has the capability to explore the world more visually.  What would you want to see first with virtual reality? Paris? The Mayan ruins?  Be ready for children to have a whole new way to experience reality.


When Virtual Reality Meets Education


3 thoughts on “Schools are now seeing great use of virtual reality in the classroom

  1. It’s funny, I was just talking with someone about LeapFrog today. They were saying how half their reading skills probably started with it because it made it fun to read. I wonder if putting this in the education system will have a similar impact.

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  2. Virtual reality is some really cool stuff! I have always wanted to check it out for myself. I can’t imagine what it would be like to learn with it in school. I’m sure virtual reality will be everywhere someday, kind of similar in the sense that iPads and iPhones are everywhere now


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