Twitter is Working to Fix the Blue Dot in Moments

We are all painfully aware of the annoying blue dot notification in the moments tab on Twitter. Thankfully, it seems like Twitter is trying to work on fixing this so we do not see it all the time. The social network said Friday it would finally start to limit how often the blue dot notification appeared in the Moments tab within the Twitter app. The company said they would change the feature so the notification would appear “less frequently,” though they didn’t elaborate on how often it would appear.

Personally, I do find the blue dot to be annoying but it isn’t something that I have complained about. I am happy that Twitter is working to fix the frequency of the dot. I am sure that users will be happy to find out that Twitter is working on this problem.



2 thoughts on “Twitter is Working to Fix the Blue Dot in Moments

  1. As I was typing this I was going to say that I wasn’t OCD and this was a big deal.Now that i think of it that little blue dot definitely needs to go sooner than later. I guess constantly having it there makes me feel like I’ve missed something and I’m out of the loop.


  2. I don’t see a huge problem with the blue dot but I can agree it can be annoying at times. I think that Twitter should either get rid of it of keep it and tell people to deal with it, no in between.


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