Google Plus and a Makeover

Google Plus is pulling itself together after much time used attempting to gather an audience in using their profiles and sharing community. About a week ago Kessler, the “Director of Streams” of Google, announced the intention of reinventing this section of Google into an area revolving around community that shares media and a focus on individual areas of interest.

Although Google Plus hasn’t ever been a hit since its’ start in 2011, the creators know that their audience and most of the internet has been associated with a Google profile online for professional reasons or not. It won’t be the same in terms of how much effort will be put into the platform, but it will still have an investment as a distinct part of the Google brand for the Internet. In the end, the new edition of Google Plus will not be just an update that you schedule for your phone to make, but a new design entirely for both desktop and mobile devices for users. And the good news for consumers is that the speed will increase on mobile devices without storing too much data that had often slowed uploading times in the past. You may have never been on Plus before, but now it may be the most valued part of your Google collection for content and more.


Video Introduction of the new Google Plus


2 thoughts on “Google Plus and a Makeover

  1. This could be a good way to draw in more people to there site. Personally I probably won’t use it but everyone has a different interest.


  2. With Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram being social media powerhouses, Google+ just doesn’t want to go away. Knowing that my first choices would be the first three I listed there is no reason for me to go to Google+. I think they need to focus more on attracting viewers to go to their site as opposed to changing what they have, because to be honest.. I don’t even know what Google+ is and it’s been around for a while.


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