Facebook with limitless features adds “Work chat” to its repertoire

It seems that week after week Facebook adds a new feature to its’ never ending list of possibilities. Now with the new “Work Chat” add-on to Facebook at work, businesses have a very user-friendly way to connect and chat amongst coworkers in a fun work oriented environment.

This service is as of now a freemium feature that Facebook at work hopes to use to compete with companies such as Microsoft Yammer and Slack. All of these competitors and Facebook at work utilize the multimedia network as a means to make work more comfortable and fun to bring a better connection amongst coworkers.

Facebook at work’s new feature is still in the testing phase but does seem to have great potential in the work environment. Though it is very simple to the regular Facebook Messenger app it does have some differences to it. Work chat allows users to turn off notifications for a means to get away from work if on vacation or at the end of the day you’re just not feeling like keeping up with the work world.

For now the app is only available to those who are participating in Facebook at work beta app, but Facebook soon plans to go live with interest from several large companies such as the Royal Bank of Scotland. Props to Facebook for always finding a new way to expand their market out to others and keep up in the constantly expanding technological world.



One thought on “Facebook with limitless features adds “Work chat” to its repertoire

  1. This is such a condescending app for Facebook. So many companies forbid their workers to go onto their Facebooks because they are using the companies time and money. Now there is a work chat that allows you to communicate among the work place? Less interaction between workers and bosses? Very interesting to say the least.


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