Facebook Making Break-ups Easier

In a new feature that it is trying out, Facebook is making break-ups easier…Well, online at least.


It is introducing a new feature that allows you to adjust your privacy settings to either limit what you see on your timeline from your ex, or limit what he or she sees from you.  It also allows you to specifically get rid of photos that you no longer want on your timeline, as you may want to do with sentimental photos from the relationship. When a relationship ends, there’s always that awkwardness afterwards.  You either un-friending them, or bear having to see all of their posts online.  This feature gets rid of all of that.

I can’t decide how useful I think this feature will be on Facebook, because how often do people even define their relationship statuses anymore? Also, people tend to be moving away from Facebook, and shifting towards Twitter and Instagram.  These sites make it simple to ‘delete’ your history, because all you have to do is maybe delete some photos on Instagram, and on Twitter, no one really even sees a relationship. Facebook is more complex in the fact that you form relationships on the site.  Your whole life can essentially be laid out in the ‘About’ section.

So, how useful do you think this new Facebook feature will be?







3 thoughts on “Facebook Making Break-ups Easier

  1. I personally think that this is going to be incredibly useful, especially for people who don’t already either remove or unfollow their ex immediately after the relationship status changes. Continuing to follow your ex on social media is emotionally draining.


  2. This could be a great addition to the ability to decide what you want your own Facebook to look like, and I wouldn’t mind doing this same thing to some family or friends too on the site as well haha


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