“Experience Anything, Anywhere, with Anyone”

Facebook recently has purchased Oculus, a company focused on developing an effective virtual reality experience, to keep developing and improving Facebook’s goal to connect people to each other. Making a virtual experience that actually feels real seemed far off because of the difficulty there is in connecting the software with the hardware, but Samsung brought that far fetched idea another step closer.

Samsung very recently released the Gear VR which is the newest virtual reality experience developed in partnership with Oculus and Facebook. The Gear VR is only $99, but must be used with one of the new Samsung phones: Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ or Note 5. There are various gyroscopes and other measuring devices that track the movement of your head and it changes the screen based on your movements. The interface works very well and is only .62 pounds with the phone in it and has two head straps to keep it comfortably in place. The content for the Gear VR is still in progress because it just came out but because the hardware works so well even simple games are fun and interesting.

This is an incredible step toward the technology of the future and to me is just an incredible technological advancement. With just your phone and a head set you can live and experience impossible things like being in New York City, but walking down the streets of Hong Kong. Especially now that a multi billion dollar company like Facebook is working on this technology the sky is the limit.

This article was written on November 19, 2015 by Drew Olanoff.




One thought on ““Experience Anything, Anywhere, with Anyone”

  1. I absolutely love the possibilities behind this. VR is a whole new platform with limitless potential. Samsung was very wise to jump on board and give it a go right from the start of the VR era.


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