What the media can learn from coverage of the Paris attacks

The attacks on Paris has become a major social event that has sprung across the media interfaces, and has shown journalists and reporters how the audiences and people of interest are consuming these kinds of stories and topics. The attacks on Paris has shown that people are most likely interested in the particular story and want more information, jump to the television or to their smartphones. People are now so involved in the media today, that they want to get or receive the facts and information as quick as possible. Watching live broadcasted news on tv or checking Twitter is normally the main focuses as to where people go to get their information most, leaving articles or website posts after the fact. This is showing journalists and Media Directors that people will check websites as a more secondary state. Whereas getting information live is much more important.

Having audiences consume media this way, points out how to present and target the people who are interested. It also can also gave an idea on how to present certain information accordingly, such as following up with an article on a television live broadcast. It allows for the audience to get more interested in the subject, due to the different platforms the information is presented from.

I feel that allowing to present the information based on the different sites and media, can really help to benefit each type of medium in its own personal way. Television and social apps such as Twitter and Facebook, can offer people the news they want in minutes or even live at times. With Blogs and Articles, they can help to sum up the aftermath as well as important information that might have been missed. With that said, I feel that due to the attacks on Paris, social media can truly learn on how and what to present to the public based on the coverage received from the story itself.




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