Vimeo on Demand

Vimeo has just recently announced that they will be implementing two new and exciting features for all content creators that use the Vimeo on Demand program. Before this semester I hadn’t so much as heard of Vimeo. If it weren’t for Multimedia Writing, I still probably wouldn’t have heard of this platform. Vimeo is effective and user friendly for content creators trying to make a name for themselves and beginners.

Vimeo on Demand is a program that is designed to pay content creators 90% of the revenues that their project brings in. (After transaction costs that is) The first feature is called “coming soon”. With this feature you get three choices when you are ready to publish a project: “coming soon”, “in pre-order”, and “ready to sell. This essentially simplifies the announcing process for content creators. It also allows potential customers to catch wind of the upcoming project sooner than ever before. The second feature is the use of “VIP access codes”. This second feature allows the content creator to use special codes to change their pricing or sales-model for specific people. If a content creator wants to allow his friends or family to stream film for free, even if they live outside of the distribution zone, they can now do so.

Options are always good to have in all aspects of life. These new features give content creators just that. These new platforms are certainly a baby steps in the right direction for Vimeo on Demand.  If you are a content creator that is currently using this platform this is good news. Who knows maybe these initial changes will be the start many new features to come in the near future. If you haven’t yet tried this platform I strongly recommend trying it out.


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