I want a Snapchat Lens for Christmas

Snapchat started out as a very simple app. Basically, users can take a picture, usually a selfie, and send it their friends. The picture is only viewable for up to 10 seconds before it disappears. Since then, Snapchat allows users to choose between a few simple filters to overlay on their images. But the real craze is the newer animations that users can add to their videos. The animations can do anything from making you look old, to having huge eyes, to making you puke rainbows. There are many “lenses” to choose from and everyday a new one is added, while an older one is taken away. However, now Snapchat sells individual lenses for $0.99 each. This isn’t the first time Snapchat has offered in-app purchases, users also have the ability to purchase more “replays”.

I think this is a good idea on Snapchat’s part. No, I don’t want to pay for the lenses, but this separates the abilities of users and their friends. Snapchat can get really redundant sometimes and not everyone is exactly a creative user every single day. This will get users more excited for when new lenses are released and want to be different from their friends. Plus, people will want to view their friends stories more to see what lenses they have and are using. The pricing isn’t very bad either, even though you are just paying for a virtual lens. From personal experience, I’ve heard Snapchat was becoming old and boring already. I just think this is a great way to rejuvenate this app and keep the users excited about it.

Snapchat Lenses



4 thoughts on “I want a Snapchat Lens for Christmas

  1. The lens idea is a great way to rejuvenate the app and bring more users to it. Though it will scare away people from the app because of the pricing. The app is free but not until we want the really cool lenses.

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  2. I think the lenses are fun to a certain extent until you see everyone using the same lens over and over again on their respective stories. I also think pricing the lenses is a good way for snapchat to increase revenue but I hate the idea of buying replays

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  3. I probably would not buy the app because I don’t like to pay for social media apps. It would be a smart way for Snapchat to make some money but the price will deter some people from getting it.


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