Facebook To Improve “Events”

There are many people who seem to dislike Facebook’s “Events” section, but I’ve always been a fan of it for quite a few reasons. It’s been the only way I’ve hosted events from parties, to hangouts, and even meetings since… Well, since Facebook was even a thing! But apparently a lot of people actually don’t like it at all, and because of these people Facebook is going to be making some changes. With this update, Events users will possibly be able to:

  • Share events directly via the Facebook Messenger appevents
  • Invite non-Facebook users to events
  • Know if people have seen your invite
  • Allow attendees to see events similar to the one they’re attending

I’m honestly quite satisfied with these additions, especially with more improvements than the ones listed being discussed. However, nothing is confirmed besides the fact that Facebook aims to improve their Events service. These are all possibilities for what we could see according to Wired. Personally though, I’d rather they focused on that Groups section a lot more than Events. Yikes. There should definitely be some kind of ability to create threads or maybe even organize those a bit more. Perhaps those are next?

[Wired Article]


One thought on “Facebook To Improve “Events”

  1. This very interesting and a smart move on Facebook’s part. The ability to share events directly through the Facebook Messenger app is a very good idea and can make the event sharing process a lot easier.


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