The New York Times Launches New Virtual Reality App

On November 5, 2015, the New York Times launched a virtual reality app called “NYT VR”. The app focuses on virtual reality storytelling and could be a refreshing take on journalism. The app, currently available on Google Play and the Apple app store, features virtual reality content that can be viewed with or without Google’s cardboard viewing apparatus.

There are currently four stories available to view on the app. Each news story – referred to as “virtual reality films” – is focused on the theme of displaced children. Additionally, there is an unrelated virtual reality film called “Walking New York.”

The app is interesting and fun, but it raises a few questions. Is this a gimmick that could potentially distract readers from the news? Will it lead to an entirely VR “newspaper”?

I think that NYT VR is a great way to get people engaged with current events and keep them engaged.


2 thoughts on “The New York Times Launches New Virtual Reality App

  1. I think Virtual Reality news is something that could be intriguing depending n the news. Would it be like 3D real life or cartoon or 3D computer modeling type of news. I’m still interested in what virtual reality will bring,

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  2. Brings a whole new perspective on news and how the author can bring news to the readers, now I guess you’ll have to call them viewers instead as they can now interact with a 3-D news environment.

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