Boomerang, Revolutionizing Communication

Instagram, the photo sharing giant, recently released a new app, Boomerang. And it’s changing the way we communicate.

Boomerang allows users to combine photos into a one second looping video, similar to GIFs. Versatile in nature, users are capable of taking pictures vertically or horizontally. The short video can then be saved to a user’s camera roll and then posted to a desired social media site. Although these clips can only be created in Boomerang, the app is simple to use and you don’t even have to be an Instagram user to use the app.

Although there are similar competitors such as Twitter’s Vine and Apple’s Live Photo, Boomerang could help to create variation and success for Instagram without directly interfering with it’s interface. Now, communication won’t just exist in a still figure. It will exist in movement, changing the way we communicate, interpret and receive a message.

I primarily think creating Boomerang is a good idea because GIFs are becoming popular and desirable amongst consumers. Allowing consumers to create and communicate content that is interactive, engaging and even comedic is something new, enticing and fun for them to try. Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 and now the photo sharing site has 400 million monthly active users who are posting about 80 million photos a day. I believe that the creation of Boomerang can increase these numbers. This may be possible if Boomerang can encourage users who aren’t already, to share their content on a platform such as Instagram.

So, the next time you want to post that delicious slice of pizza on Instagram, think twice. Share it with Boomerang so your followers can watch the pizza’s cheese stretch as you eagerly pull it away from the box.


One thought on “Boomerang, Revolutionizing Communication

  1. This is an interesting idea, but only one second videos? That kind of limits what you can do. If this idea takes off though, I could imagine this possibly changing. Even as is, it is a cool and new idea.


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