Bluetooth Improvements in 2016

The Bluetooth SIG has just announced that Bluetooth is set for a 100 percent speed boost as well as better range in the year 2016.

You have no idea how happy this makes me. I was about ready to give up on Bluetooth forever and never come back to it again. I have encountered many problems with Bluetooth in the past where I was not able to sync my device and the frustration built every time I was unsuccessful.

I love the way Bluetooth SIG owned up to their past lackluster history of service and has made this huge statement. Increasing the range you can pair devices substantially combined with a speed boost of 100 percent will allow users a much more enjoyable experience than I have had in the past. There is also no telling what this improved technology will do for business and other large groups looking to connect to each other.

Long story short; Bluetooth is back on the map in a big way.


One thought on “Bluetooth Improvements in 2016

  1. I also think this was a necessary improvement for Bluetooth. I use wireless headphones that function on Bluetooth. I can barely set my phone down and walk away because my Bluetooth connection will disconnect my music. Hearing my music buzz in and out and then completely shut off is really annoying and hurts my ears. Considering the short distance that I would walk and loose connection because of Bluetooth, I am so excited for this change.


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