Tag Heuer Releases its luxury Based Smart Watch

In recent years people have placed a lot of emphasis on creating wearable technology devices. One of the most well-known devices that people currently have is the smart watch. Tag Heuer is a Swiss manufacturing company that primarily manufactures watches and other fashion accessories. Although this company is known as being a traditional watch manufacturer, it has recently announced that it will be releasing a luxury based smart watch called the “Tag Heuer Connected”.

One of the things that Tag Heuer revealed about this new watch was that it will not look like a regular smart watch. This device will be 46 millimeters and it will include a 1.5 inch sapphire protected screen. It will also be made of durable titanium. Watch customization is another feature that will likely attract a lot of attention. Users will be able to choose which color they want their rubber strap to be. One last important feature of this watch is that you can trade it in for another traditional watch when the smart watch becomes obsolete.

I think that Tag Heuer has made a great decision to get into the smart watch industry. Wearable technology is currently extremely popular and everyone is interested in most modern looking technology as well. Creating a luxury based smart watch will help Tag Heuer attract a lot of attention in the technology world. By allowing buyers to customize parts of their watch, this company is also doing an excellent job in differentiating itself from other smart watch manufacturers. If I were to buy a smart watch I would definitely buy a “Tag Heuer Connected”.



One thought on “Tag Heuer Releases its luxury Based Smart Watch

  1. Tag Heuer makes gorgeous watches and their smart watch is no different. However, I don’t think smart watches have taken off the way their creators expected them to. Do you think Tag Heuer’s smart watch – or any luxury smart watch – would be worth the hefty price tag?


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