Seven Crazy Technologies That Are Here

From tiny computer chips for prototypes and every day hobbyists, to mind reading technology the future is here and it is ready to bloom. All the technologies described in this article are either fully created and purchasable products, or are promising prototypes being bought by big software companies to further develop them. I will just be talking about a few of these crazy technologies that could change the way way people interact with each other.\

The first technology I wanted to talk about is the RFID tags or “transponders. ” These have been used in thing like credit cards for a while to track where the card is being swiped in case of theft or fraud. The reason these are used is because RFID tags can be made as small as a grain of salt allowing them to be put almost anywhere. Mike Laurie suggests these will be seen in almost every product being sold to the masses. On one hand it will allow companies to get better statistical analysis of what demographics buy which products, but on the other hand it is terrifying that everything we buy can be traced.

Another frighteningly real technology is the mobile application of facial recognition software. This software is currently used by the police and government safety services when looking for people, but Mike Laurie suggests it will be transformed into a mobile app for everyday uses like stalking people’s social media pages by taking a picture of them. While this is incredible for a number of reasons it also seems to be a huge invasion of personal space.It would make a fresh start for people impossible and would allow people to scrutinize other people’s pasts before even meeting them.

These are some fantastic and useful technologies, but at a certain point it becomes or has become creepy. Human physical interaction is being phased by digital interaction. If people can see your profile’s and past records from taking a picture of you, and companies can potentially track every product you have bought what is the point in meeting people. Call me crazy, but this seems like people are going to start being completely judged by there digital footprints and not who they are. What do you think about this? Am I just being melodramatic?

Article written on June 1, 2009 by Mike Laurie.


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