Giving SnapChat a Chance

Most of us know SnapChat.  It’s the app that many millennials use to either communicate with friends, or to post random thoughts or actions that will have vanished by the next day, or even the next few seconds. In this article, the author is a mother, and she says that parents aren’t giving SnapChat a fair chance.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, where the content that is posted is out there for good, and for the rest of the world to judge, SnapChat is temporary. On these other social media sites, we try to make the content that we post as perfect as possible, because everyone is going to see it, and have an opinion about it.  These sites show only what we want everyone to see about our lives.

Although SnapChat is also only what we want people to see, there is so much less pressure to be perfect.  The content that is posted on the app is only available to be seen for at most 24 hours, and that’s if it is posted to one’s ‘story’.  Otherwise, the picture can only be seen for a few seconds.  This fact, and the fact that the rest of the world cannot respond to, or share their opinion about your content, makes it a place where we can show our true colors, and just be ourselves.

In my opinion, SnapChat is the realest social media app out there, and I don’t think it will be going away anytime soon.


4 thoughts on “Giving SnapChat a Chance

  1. It makes sense to be concerned for the safety of kids with the accessibility and growth of tech today because people are crazy and can now easily share that with the rest of the world. It all comes together in a safe way with teaching moments and acknowledging the good and bad. By not even acknowledging or cutting off technology from kids, you may just begin to push them towards the large problem of misusing social media and digital tech today and in the future.


  2. I think you’re right about snapchat being the realest form of social media. I know that it’s easy for me to caption things that are happening in the moment, which then I can save and share to keep the memories.


  3. Snapchat is definitely the most utilized social media outlet for me. I love how quick pictures can be shared. Like any social media platform, users can run into problems when misusing the app. Also, there have been apps developed that allow users to screen shot and save pictures without the sender even knowing; just something to keep in mind!


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