Facebook’s never-ending list of upgrades continues with “Music Share”

Facebook’s newest feature allows users to share songs and tracks from Spotify and Apple Music with anyone they wish. With Music Share users can post songs and tracks and allow their friends to save or purchase songs depending on which service they are using. This could be great for apps like Spotify because it gets their app a lot more traffic as users can now share their favorite songs with friends seamlessly.

Props to Facebook for always being able to step the bar up and find news ways to make it easier to interact between users. Upgrades like Music Share are what keep Facebook at the top of the social media world. It also should be great for Spotify bringing possible new users to the app with sharing across the Facebook feed. Facebook has never really dabbled into the music world until now. Especially seeing as Facebook was the reason that Myspace,a heavily music oriented social media platform, failed hopefully now Facebook can see how beneficial the music industry can be.

At the moment the feature is only on the Iphone Facebook app but Facebook did say it was looking to expand to Android in the near future. They also plan to expand Music Share to other music streaming platforms such as SoundCloud. With Music Share potential artists also have the possibility of having their music shared more easily now to millions of users. This high traffic among Facebook and other various apps should be great for business on both ends.



3 thoughts on “Facebook’s never-ending list of upgrades continues with “Music Share”

  1. Interesting post. Its amazing to see how Facebook continues coming up with new ideas. Instead of sitting back and keeping things the same, they are constantly making sure that they are expanding.


  2. Definitely getting a MySpace vibe form that but it’s good that Facebook is finally using their power towards the music industry. Although I am not an avid Facebook user myself, based off studies, the hours spend on the social media site is ridiculous. This is not only good for Facebook, but maybe up and coming artists trying to get their name out there through social media.


  3. I feel like this is super similar to Myspace. It is really a good way to get Spotify’s name out there. Facebook is always updating and I think this was a good move for them and will benefit both Facebook and the music apps involved.


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