Facebook is Beginning to Expand Local Ad Products For Businesses

Last Thursday, Facebook put out a statement saying they are bringing new features to the website in hopes of make it easier for businesses to create local ads. The first feature they are beginning to launch is called ‘Pages’. Pages are for businesses, brands and organizations to share their stories and connect with people.Just like profiles, you can customize Pages by publishing stories, hosting events, and adding apps as well. Additionally, people who like your Page and their friends can get updates in the News Feed.

Facebook’s director product marketing for ads, Matt Idema explained how the new ad products, ” are new capabilities for local businesses to create more relevant ads and drive better results through Facebook’s products.It’s a dramatic change for businesses using the Facebook products today.” That being said, this new move by Facebook could potentially change the way companies distribute their advertisements to the public.With more and more advancements becoming developed through social media, companies should make sure they are prevalent on these networking sites.

Pages are becoming an important place for people to visit Facebook, and they are building new ways for people to interact with businesses through them.These features are  another example of how social media can have a direct impact on businesses. Furthermore, Facebook could be a major a factor in the way advertisers try to get a step ahead of their opponents’ in today’s highly competitive business world.



One thought on “Facebook is Beginning to Expand Local Ad Products For Businesses

  1. Pages is something I’m using to promote my business. Although we do not have the budget to pay for ads yet, the free social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram are gearing some of their focus towards promoting businesses which is always beneficial whether it be for the owners or people that are trying to connect to the brand. Smart move by Facebook.


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