The Future of Customer Service may be in Messaging Apps

Ever wondered how Facebook could ever make money through their messaging app? Probably not, you were most likely annoyed with the strange bubble icon pop up on your mobile device from every distant family member you have. But Facebook has recently seen the potential in those “annoying” bubbles that some of you won’t admit you love, and they see a possible profit from various brands tailoring their customer service towards the app.


With already having such success with mobile ads, Facebook has recently invested the idea of turning to companies who want the outreach of customer service through the messaging app convenience for both them and the consumers. As a business online, it has become very important in communicating with consumers and readers. Andrew Bosworth, the head of ads at Facebook, made the point of companies using this opportunity not necessarily for ads but for consumer interaction. Bosworth is speaking on the basis of Facebook already being a number one channel that businesses return to because of customer service requests.

In the future, the messaging apps from Facebook to Whatsapp will be using almost every business interaction from purchases to customer questions in this format, a convenient and one-on-one interaction with a company and user. And Bosworth refers to the possible future of their AI named “M” that could possibly complete requests you have messaged it, creating a future of robot and human dialogue and connection. Communication has changed drastically since the invention of mobile devices, but the importance of communication with consumers remains highly important still today.



2 thoughts on “The Future of Customer Service may be in Messaging Apps

  1. This seems like it could be a great use for Facebook Message app! The fact that I had to download the app just to look at a Facebook message annoyed me, and probably many others. However, the fact that this app could be used as a way to conduct customer service seems like a really good use for it, in my opinion. Not only would it keep customer service private, but it would make it simplified for many companies. I think this is a great idea, and a super way for Facebook to keep making profits in the future.


  2. Facebook is always growing and adjusting to what’s going on in today’s society, I just hope with this brilliant idea that it will help many businesses improve and be able to achieve the best customer service because they are taking the consumers opinion hand and hand


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