Google Ride Finder: A Reminder that Google has Always been One Step Ahead

A little over 10 years ago, Google attempted to create Uber. No, they are not the people behind the wildly popular taxi service today, but they had these neat idea in May 2005 called “Google Ride Finder.”

The idea was to use Google maps to help you find nearby taxi’s using a GPS. Unfortunately, smartphone technology was not really a thing yet, so this idea failed and eventually gave way to the aforementioned Uber, a company successful today running off a similar format.

Even though this didn’t take off, isn’t it still neat to know that Google thought of this? The technological world is ran by the 2 headed monster of Apple and Google (I suppose Microsoft is a twin brother in this analogy, but I digress). The fact that even this was not an original idea from an independent company just further feeds into this.

Maybe this means that sometimes these companies just get too far ahead of themselves. Maybe in a decade, Apple Watches will seem necessary and not gimmicky. Maybe driver-less cars are actually our future, although that could pose an issue; in 32 states, truck driver is the largest area of employment. Regardless, it makes you look at Google and similar companies differently now. Maybe some of this new technology isn’t crazy after all. We may just not be ready for it yet.

Written on November 5, 2015 by James Bailey


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