The History Project

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The History Project is an online multimedia time capsule that allows you to create your own page and upload photos, videos, recipes or whatever else you might want to digitally store them. On their website it states;

“…I became obsessed with re-inventing the modern time capsule. With all the technology and tools available there had to be a better way to take the set of fragmented physical and digital assets scattered across our lives and unify them in a meaningful narrative to ensure our greatest human resource, our history, wouldn’t be lost….THP empowers you to build your own modern time capsule to reconnect to the media and moments that matter in the story of your life, the life of others and the groups you care most about.” – Niles Lichtenstein

I think this is an awesome use of technology and the tools we have in today’s world because it’s true; so much of our own history can be lost, so why not preserve it. The History Project allows for users to bring their memories to life on their sleek, and easy to use platform. For someone who is interested in creating things online, or even looking for an easy way to get all of their photos, memories, and other things in one safe place, THP is for them.

You can check out their video here!

To learn more and even get started on your own history project, visit their website;


2 thoughts on “The History Project

  1. With so many content-creator platforms and apps being released, The History Project stands out to me because of its sentimental appeal. I always thought that time capsules were a meaningful activity, and this initiative allows the time capsule to come back into style virtually. While each of our social media profiles is a sort-of time capsule, it seems like this platform allows you to focus on the most important and meaningful moments of any of our profiles to aggregate and tell a history. Even though The History Project capsule is limited to moments, experiences, feelings, and symbols that are captured digitally, more and more of us are snapping pictures after every ten steps, so I think this platform is relevant, useful, and meaningful. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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