Google’s ‘Project Wing’

It seems that every week Google is making another huge announcement.  Even with their already impressive list of services and products, Google still continues to innovate. This week the company announced that they anticipate their drone delivery service to be up and running in 2017. “Project Wing” has been in the news since 2014, however Google is getting closer to a firm introduction date. Google is not only unveiling the drones for a package delivery service, but also to aid people that are dire conditions as a result of a disaster.

Drones are becoming a very controversial topic. Some people are excited about the technology, and where it could potentially lead to. On the other hand, other people are less convinced the drones will be truly beneficial to us. I feel that Google is a very responsible company, and would not launch the service unless they were 100% confident of its efficiency. Not only would packages be delivered quicker than ever before, but Google’s plan on using their drones to help people in need is a great, and noble idea. There are absolutely benefits of Project Wing nearing its completion.

Unfortunately, the drone service does not come without potential downfalls. Will people knocking drones out of the sky and stealing packages become an issue? Where will the service actually be available? Will fragile packages be able to be safely delivered?

Drones are fragile, and they would have to fly pretty low to the ground in order to safely deliver a package, so I can see where potential red flags will be raised. Although Google will have to answer multiple questions about Project Wing, they always seem to come up big. It will be interesting to see if Google can successfully launch the service by 2017.

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One thought on “Google’s ‘Project Wing’

  1. I believe that drones would be a great idea. It’s a great way to ship things within a good amount a time. However, I see this as a bit of a risk because drones are still somewhat new. It is a great risk but as you said Google is a big company so they will most likely have things under control.


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