Apple cars? How long has Apple had this idea?

Apple is without a doubt one of the biggest and most powerful companies in America and even the world. They are very well known for selling various types of iPhones, iPods, watches, laptops and many other products. However, Apple has thought about taking there business in to a much different direction and apparently they have had this idea for awhile now.

Tony Fadell, the CEO of Nest and the man who is considered the father of Apple iPods, claims that Steve Jobs and him had discussed the possibility of Apple creating a car. Fadell claims that he and Steve Jobs “had a couple of walks” during which they talked about what kind of car they would make, what it would look like, how it will be powered, etc.

Personally I don’t believe that making an Apple car would be a great idea. To me it seems like there will be more issues that anything else and it seems like it would be a big risk to make. My problem with this is that Apple is a company that specializes in phones, laptops, application and these types of things. That being said I don’t see the Apple company as “qualified” to create a car. This is based off of speculation but I probably wouldn’t purchase an Apple car solely because of their lack of experience in the automobile industry. However, even though I would not be a customer of the Apple car, that does not mean the market does not exist.

The Apple corporation is already a multi-billion dollar industry and I don’t see there business spiraling down anytime soon. Whether Apple cars are a failure or not the company has more than enough money to spend so I can’t see this hurting them too much either way.



5 thoughts on “Apple cars? How long has Apple had this idea?

  1. I could see Apple making cars that are similar to the Tesla brand- efficient and flashy. It will be interesting to see if anything comes from this. Nice blog


  2. I wonder if they will actually go through with this. I love Apple products but there is only one thing that would concern me with this car, the price. Personally I like the look of the car!


  3. Apple would definitely make such a bold move as to enter the industry of smart cars, however I can see how one would be wary of Apple cars. If a company such as Google attempted to mass produce smart cars, that would be completely different due to the diversity of the products produced by Google.


  4. I wonder if Apple cars will need an Otterbox to avoid shattering. It is definitely an interesting initiative should Apple follow through with it. Apple has a stronghold, almost a gravitational pull for people. I wonder how these loyalists would react; would the cars sell by the millions of would this just be a gimmicky ploy?


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