Facebook Is Relaxing Its “Real Name” Policy

In order to make sure that Facebook was made up of actual people as opposed to bots, back-up accounts or even role-play accounts [pets, fictional characters, etc.], the social media giant used to make sure that each mem2000px-Hello_my_name_is_sticker.svgber was using an authentic name. This meant that our real names were required to sign up for Facebook, and in the event that something didn’t seem realistic there was a chance of our accounts being reported. Once reported, the account would often lead to it being removed for going against their terms and conditions. However, what Facebook failed to realize until falling victim to protests is that there are some people who use false names for protection. Many victims of this policy included Native Americans that decided to use their tribal names as opposed to those labelled on their government issued ID’s, survivors of domestic violence or even LGBT’s. Their accounts were locked or even terminated without warning or consideration as to why their names weren’t actually their own… But now, Facebook aims to make things right with a new and improved reporting system. When an account is flagged for having an inauthentic name, users can now provide more information as to why they’re using it.

Links: The Guardian, Buzzfeed


2 thoughts on “Facebook Is Relaxing Its “Real Name” Policy

  1. I think this change to actually contact users is important. Everyones Facebook page, in my opinion, is a representation of how that person wants to be viewed and with that being said, I believe that each person has the choice to display their name as they would like. For example, my mom is divorced and chooses to display her maiden name on Facebook. She also doesn’t include her first name because she is a high school teacher and doesn’t want her students adding her as a friend. I know she would be really upset if essentially her life and special moments documented on Facebook were lost because of the miscommunication between Facebook and herself in regards to her name and how she personally would like to be represented. A name for many is a part of their identity and I know I would feel like Facebook was stripping me of my identity because they felt my name was associated with a bot etc.


  2. Although bots and fake people are annoying, Facebook needs to account for the people that are on the line between fake accounts and just an abnormal name. Now that they are headed in a better direction, it will prevent any future conflict which what accounts are fake and what are real.


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