Facebook is Fighting to Become More Like Twitter

We all know Facebook is constantly changing and trying to incorporate new ideas and updates to its interface. Now, Facebook is trying to use similar ideas from Twitter to bring faster and streaming ideas into the social website. Having trending posts to comment on and allowing the users to be apart of popular posts, shares the same idea from Twitter that users can be apart of topic feeds and shared posts from all over the world. Facebook has also brought in being able to see what’s the newest and hottest new thing that’s out, like tv shows, movies, and games.                    Twitter over FB

Facebook is known for its interaction with others and allowing for users to share their interests as well as their daily lives. Users can edit and check their posts before sharing them with the ones they get to know well, keeping their thoughts and ideas filtered with how much they want to share to the website. Becoming more like twitter, where people post about all sorts of topics with limited characters and quicker interaction, Facebook may be loosing its purpose by being more personal and close related to other users.

For me personally, I have always been more interactive and social on Facebook. I have enjoyed how it can be both personal and close related to friends and close family, but it can also be used to share experiences and relatable topics. I feel Twitter is much more open and things are shared between many more people in this way. Users of Twitter are able to be involved and share their thoughts way more fluently as well as currently.

With Facebook becoming more like Twitter, we are seeing a new developed interface of the social medium as well as the how the audience is adapting and changing on how they are using the new features. Unfortunately, with the changes and advancements being brought into play, Facebook will soon be more “live based” by having many trends and most popular posts that users will interact with. This will cause Facebook to loose its personal, close-friendly perspective.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook is Fighting to Become More Like Twitter

  1. Very interesting article. I find it interesting that Facebook is adapting to be more like Twitter. A lot of people prefer Facebook’s features over Twitter’s so Facebook needs to be careful about how many changes they actually make.

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  2. I agree, I think Facebook needs to be very careful. Generally, Facebook attracts a much older crowd than Twitter does. I am not sure many of these changes on FB will appeal to the older crowd. Twitter has these personalized encounters because the younger generation, in my opinion, prefers that on such a site like Twitter. Facebook, I believe, has a similar but complete different purpose than Twitter and these changes just seem out of place for the purpose Facebook conveys to users. I think these new features will only be effective if users actually use them and do so for its intended use.

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