Snapchat Has Updated Once Again and Did Not Disappoint

Today, Snapchat unveiled yet again another update. You’re probably thinking, oh great, more wacky filters that I can apply to my face and send to my friends. Not exaclty. This time, Snapchat has stepped up their game. They have introduced slow motion, fast forward, and rewind features that have changed the way users snapchat each other. The new update has created social buzz among many platforms, gaining the spotlight for Snapchat.

Each feature is simple and exciting to use. The slow motion feature takes the ten-second video and slows it down. The fast forward feature does exactly the opposite. Even the sound is altered and provides a high pitch voice due to speed of the video being increased. As for the rewind feature, it takes the video and flips the way it plays out, making it go backwards. Consumers love the simple update and are once again content with Snapchat.

Today’s generation tends to experience short attention spans and thus moves on to the next amusing app or game. Snapchat recognized this reoccurring problem and capitalized on it like they always do and like many companies also do. They simply added new features to draw consumers back into the app. They chose to add hilarious features; just like the previous update of face filters that would bring the company back into the spotlight and increase the experience and response of consumers, especially the younger generation. snapchat-video-filters


3 thoughts on “Snapchat Has Updated Once Again and Did Not Disappoint

  1. I think that’s a great way to keep your users interested. When I first got snapchat before it had all this crazy stuff, a few people told me they were bored of it. I wonder how many people went back to it after the updates. This alone makes me want to update my phone right now (I haven’t yet).


  2. I love how fast snap chat has recently updated and continued to change for more interactivity with the users. With the ability to change your photos more than ever, it may be possible they could drift farther from the original quick and snappy design originally apart of their brand and app. Hope to see changes for the better but maintaining their individuality


  3. The new update us one of my favorite updates yet. Ever since the updat I’ve been using snapchat more often and trying out the new features! Trying to use them in creative, thoughtful ways! Great topic to write about! I enjoyed this blog post a lot!


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