Additions to Your Multimedia Projects

Obviously it’s a good idea to create multimedia stories to immerse your viewers. Today’s attention spans aren’t interested in plain unaccompanied text stories. But now, everyone who is creating multimedia projects start out using the same media forms: text, photo, audio, and video. What else is there? A possible answer is geolocation and interactive maps. I don’t mean slapping a picture of America on your website, but using an interactive map to add to your story. There are a few new, free tools to create theses maps. What makes these tools interactive is that you can integrate other media into the maps. For example, you can use recent geo-tagged photos from Instagram to display on the map. Also, you can use your own images and create them in a way that adds to your story; wether it be historical images or beautiful scenic photography. A website called Mapbox allows you to create a map in many different ways. You can show live data, directions, and even send notifications.

I think this can be such a great addition to many stories. Going multimedia is about creating visuals and representations of the story. For example, instead of just typing, “He went to the coffee shop in town,” you could show the trail a person travelled, along with an image of the coffee shop and even add Instagram posts geo-tagged from that area. It makes the story so much more real and memorable. However, I wouldn’t prefer this to be overdone, I think it depends on the story. As a reader, I wouldn’t want to see an interactive map while reading a story that doesn’t need it. It has to be relevant to the story.


3 thoughts on “Additions to Your Multimedia Projects

  1. Thanks for this blog! Not only is it relevant to our COMM 295 final project, it also points out a common and tiring theme among multimedia pieces – all of the media components are similar! Using an interactive map is a new way to grab the attention of a reader or viewer and even educate him or her (I am horrible at geography). In some of the example projects given to us for our final assignment, I saw interactive maps used and wondered how they were created, manipulated, and paired with pictures. Thank you for pointing out a site that enables this, and even more, such as live data and notifications. I think hovering over locations to reveal geotagged Instagram posts is a great idea and shows collaboration between social platforms to tell a bigger story. While a map is not applicable to my final project (like you said, its use should make sense for the story), I bet this idea will align with many projects and will be emerging on more Web sites in the near future.

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  2. I haven’t explored this one, but from Jordan’s entry it seems like it might be good. We’re actually going to look at another one, called BatchGero, as a class exercise in a couple of weeks. Claire, I think some of the ones you saw in the sample projects probably were created with that.

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