Instagram Steps Up it’s Game

Keeping up with all the new innovations of the social media applications people interact with every day, Instagram launched a new application to create GIF-like content to post on their site. The new application, Boomerang, was launched last week in order to allow avid Instagram users to create funny content of pictures that play backwards and forwards in a cycle. Because it is a bit difficult to understand in words, Instagram’s Blog has information and a video about the application and how it works.

Recently, many social media tools have been renovating and upgrading, such as Facebook’s new profile changes and the “dislike” button, Twitter’s moments feature, and Snapchat’s new interactive animations. With Boomerang, Instagram hopes to add a new excitement to change up their application a little, while still keeping the interface simple. With its recent changes, global ad revenues are expected to rise 2.8 billion in 2017.


One thought on “Instagram Steps Up it’s Game

  1. Interesting article! I love Instagram and I think that they do a wonderful job of keeping up with the constant demand of amusement of today’s generation. I recently blogged about Snapchat doing the same thing by adding their new video features. I love all the new updates and I just can’t get enough of either app!


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