Apple Unveils Its First Virtual Reality Content

Early this week, Apple released a virtual reality “experience” in collaboration with the band, U2. Titled “The Experience Bus,” the project centers around a 360-degree music video. The video – available on the vrse virtual reality app, as well as inside of the bus – features footage of the band rehearsing. While the song is playing, viewers can manipulate the video to watch from any angle. The bus (located in New York City) features Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets and Beats headphones to create an immersive experience.

Currently, 360-degree videos and virtual reality media are in experimental stages. Content creators are still learning the technology and its limitations. The Apple and U2 collaboration demonstrates how the technology of virtual reality content and 360-degree videos can be used to tell a multi-platform story. These kinds of videos could be useful tools in adding depth to online news stories and blogs.



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