Twitter Partners with CBS News

The world of social media is a complex and competitive environment. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, each social media platform is consistently working to improve its image and its credibility. Twitter announced this morning that it has partnered with CBS News for the coming Democratic debate, which will be held on November 14th. At this event, Twitter will be providing CBS News with live data from the event as well as live questions and reactions from viewers around the country. CBS News also plans to use this live Twitter feed in their coverage. Although Twitter has worked at other political events, this will be the first debate that Twitter has an official presence.

This partnership with CBS News will likely be a huge benefit for Twitter. The upcoming debate will give Twitter an opportunity to showcase what it actually does. Personally, I am very interested in politics and I always watch the presidential debates. If Twitter gives viewers like myself, a chance to ask questions and make comments about the debate, it will give them a more interactive experience. Using Twitter’s real-time data and insights will also make for a better overall debate. It will ensure that the debate focuses on the topics that the viewers want to be discussed rather than only discussing the topics they have picked out beforehand. Twitters recent partnership with CBS News for the upcoming debate was brilliant decision. Its real-time data and its interactive features will continue to show people that Twitter is a legitimate social media platform.


4 thoughts on “Twitter Partners with CBS News

  1. I agree that the partnership will benefit both companies. People are looking for quick news now more than ever, and Twitter is a top place for it.


  2. This will be a great way to get people to become Twitter users. Now that Twitter has a reliable news source as their ally we won’t have to worry whether or not the information is credible or not.


  3. I think that these two companies partnering up will be a great thing! A person will be able to get the quick news from Twitter and the news outlets from CBS. I think by this happening Twitter will now have more people creating accounts.


  4. I think this is a great move for Twitter. They have recently been laying employees off, due to the fact that # of new users for the last month was not up to par. So, they have obviously been struggling slightly. They have also announced that they will be showing their first commercial for their new ‘moments’ tab during the World Series this year. Clearly they are trying to reach a new audience. I’m not so sure about the commercial, because I watched it, and it was slightly confusing for me, an avid Twitter user, let alone someone who has never used the site before. However, I do think the partnership with CBS will be much more beneficial for Twitter, because it may show the usefulness of the site to this new demographic that they are trying to reach.


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