The End or the Expansion of Journalism?

As social media and the instantaneous world grow everyday, the world of traditional journalism declines. Newspapers all over are down sizing, digitizing, and going out of business. At the same time however, there have never been more journalists than there are right now. Michael Rosenblum points out that almost everyone has the ability to be a journalist now. With roughly 3 billion smart phones in use around the globe, up to date information is available about most parts of the world. At any second during the day there are millions of people posting, tweeting, blogging and “gramming” text, pictures, and videos about the world around them.

This form of mass journalism may be more effective than traditional international reporting. “Real” journalists before and now would sometimes be dropped into foreign countries where they know very little about the language or the culture. They would then be expected to deliver accurate reports of whatever big news was happening. Now people that actually live in these foreign countries can give live reports of what is happening all around them essentially for free. There is plenty of information on most current issues, but we as the main stream viewers are not always exposed to it because it is not coming from a “real” journalist.

Being careful about what we read on the internet is important, however just seeing it is not harmful. Doing your own research and seeing some of these live feeds and then forming your own opinions can be much more effective than just listening to CNN or FOX news.

The article was written by Michael Rosenblum on 10/22/15.


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