Bill Simmons finding Success in Post-ESPN Era

On May 15th 2015, the landscape of the sports writing industry shifted, as ESPN and Grantland writer Bill Simmons officially left the network. Simmons has had many disputes with ESPN over the years and finally decided to leave to pursue new endeavors.

Simmons had been dormant until October 1st, when he launched his first episode of The Bill Simmons podcast. 16 days, 10 episodes, and 4 million downloads later and Simmons has already generated $350,000 since his new launch.

This coupled with the announcement that Simmons will be hosting a new show on HBO in 2016 means that Simmons is going to be a rich and happy man. Simmons, known for his irreverent and unique style that is difficult to describe, used to be payed a yearly salary at ESPN despite the fact that he generated $5 Million a year in revenue thanks to his podcasts and posts on his ESPN launch site Grantland.

Now running his own podcast, Simmons can take in all the advertising revenue he creates. The details of his HBO contract currently unclear, but comedian John Oliver makes $2 Million a year for his late night show launched last year “Last Week Tonight.” I would love to get into sports writing or broadcasting in the future. Where can I sign up for the multi-million dollar position?


One thought on “Bill Simmons finding Success in Post-ESPN Era

  1. Bill Simmons will always have an opportunity to have a job in media because of what he has done for ESPN and sports in general. Knowing that he is leaving ESPN seems bad but with is reputation I’m sure he has everything figured out. At least he is not retiring and we will still be able to be viewers of his content.


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