Hillary wins the debate but Sanders wins the internet?

In our ever expanding world of social media there has been much controversy on the Democratic candidates. After the first Democratic debate it was clear that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had won the debate and was favored as the top Democratic candidate based on what she said. But after various sites like InsideGov did some online research it was quite unclear as to who was actually winning the candidacy.

Following the debate Senator Bernie Sanders had jumped nearly 35,000 followers on Twitter and after a few days had jumped to over 200,000. He was also the most searched name on Google as well as well as the most discussed name on various social media sites. Sanders seems to be getting a lot of recognition from the younger generation as we seem to be the most predominant users of social media. Sanders candidacy seems to be making a big impact on the web day after day as he is still rising in online favoritism.


So as the the presidential election continues will it be more prominent that Sanders is winning or Clinton? Social media and online polls seems to love Sanders while Clinton is currently still declining on most media sites. Yet after the debate various news teams trashed Sanders for being favored on social media as they believed it discredited him because the younger generation that has taken a liking to him is irrelevant. But how can this be true as social media is becoming more and more dominant in today’s society.

Nothing is clear on who is actually winning the democratic debate, but one thing that is certain is that social media is a big aspect in everyday life. If Clinton wants to keep up and stop losing followers she might need to make a different approach towards social media and the younger generation as they are a big percent of the voting pool.

Posted on 10/16/25



3 thoughts on “Hillary wins the debate but Sanders wins the internet?

  1. Important thing to remember about who “wins” on the social media aspect, is the age group who typically uses Twitter, Facebook, etc. They are usually young adults known as “millennials”, so it’s interesting to see that the younger age group in our society is leaning on Sander’s side.


  2. This debate a bit irrelevant, given that it was the first of many and the primaries are still months off. However, this point is pretty interesting. It’s a 2 horse race between Hillary and Bernie right now, and although Hillary seems to have the edge right now, these stats indicate that this could change in the near future.


  3. The debate is one thing, but there is a continuation in him winning the internet in younger outlets from sites such as Tumblr. The voice of the younger generations of those with the ability to vote has been clear in parts of the internet. Would be interesting to see if this trend will have a change on this election in terms of which candidate is chosen and how things will be decided and included in the Internet in the future.


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