YouTube’s Big Move

Like any successful company, YouTube has continued to innovate. On October 28th, YouTube Red will launch. YouTube Red is a subscription based experience of YouTube that will allow users to access the entire site, free of advertisements. In addition, YouTube Red will feature a music play back service. Meaning it will have similar functions to other music streaming services such as Spotify, and Apple Music. Another exciting feature YouTube Red provides is unlimited access to YouTube original TV series, and movies.

Customers can have access to YouTube Red for $9.99 per month. This seems to be a reasonable price, because it includes non-interrupted music streaming, as well as any other YouTube video. Other streaming services can match advertisement free music, but there is no other service that can provide the amount of video content that YouTube Red can.

I am planning on beginning a subscription when the service becomes available next week. The advertisements on YouTube are very annoying, especially when it is a 30 second advertisement, and the actual video is only 15 seconds long. Getting rid of the ads on music, as well as videos is an offer no other competitor can currently match. I don’t presently have a subscription to a streaming service, so this seems like a no brainer.

Will you leave your favorite music streaming service in favor of YouTube Red? Let me know what you think in the comments.


4 thoughts on “YouTube’s Big Move

  1. I can understand how people would get annoyed with having to listen to ads like Pandora. I feel the same way but I don’t think that it is worth paying $10 a month. Youtube is a great media for so many things, I just hope the they market their product in the right way so people don’t get confused thinking normal Youtube will cost this price to use. Interesting topic!


  2. What does Pandora charge for an ad-free service? I know they offer it but am not a subscriber, so I don’t know offhand. Seems like sort of the same thing to me, though.


  3. Sorry, this reply is a bit late, but Pandora charges $3.99 per month. However, there are some distinct differences. For example, Pandora does not allow you to choose a specific song to play. The songs are generated in a random order based on music preferences, such as your favorite genre, or favorite band. It is used as “internet radio” where you know which genre will be played, but not necessarily which song or artist. YouTube Red will allow you to select any song you wish, as well as any video content offered on YouTube, completely ad-free. Again sorry for the delayed response.


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