Facebook, Number 1 news source?

Facebook, the social media giant wants people to start viewing the news on their application, to compete with Twitter and Instagram’s Trending tag feature. The worlds largest social network is presenting its new Instant Article feature to bring the big headlines to more people. This will make it much easier to read news stories within the app instead of surfing the Web to find out the full details of the story. To put it into terms everyone can understand, Facebook is trying to become your new “mobile newsstand”.

Personally I think this is a smart decision by Facebook. Many other social media networks have also started to put the news on their networks. Twitter started a new option for users called “Moments” which basically contains all the big news stories that are happening in the world. It would make sense for Facebook to jump on the news delivering bandwagon because it can attract people to their network.

This could be a great opportunity for Facebook to attract more people solely because it can allow people to find certain topics or events quickly and easily. In order for this to work in Facebook’s favor they need to report a wide variety of news subjects. They need to have news that would interest all the different types of Facebook users. They need to have news that relates to teens, parents, sports people, music lovers, food lovers, etc. I have no doubt that Facebook will pull this off and they will definitely get more people to join their network. I mean they are the biggest social network for a reason. Their recent addition of the “dislike” button, and renovations of the profile, along with this new Instant Article feature will push them ahead of the competition.


4 thoughts on “Facebook, Number 1 news source?

  1. I figured it was a matter of time before Facebook came up with their own version of this. I still don’t think that any of these social medias will totally replace how we traditionally get our news.


  2. Interesting article Sam. I feel as if social media intertwining with the news is an extremely innovated move but is highly non-effective. I say this because I feel that people generally look at the social media side only. We go onto Facebook specifically for social media, not everyday news. That’s what other platforms or apps are for. I agree with Cam, I don’t think it will ever change the fact that we access news from other sources.


  3. Social media is absolutely my favorite way to get quick or breaking news. Twitter is favorite medium to get the news when using social media, but it will be interesting to see what Facebook can do with it.


  4. I think a lot of people will appreciate this feature when breaking news is involved. I’m sure it won’t discourage other sources of news as people will still want a deeper understanding of certain topics. It seems like a lot of social media apps are fighting for this role in news delivery.


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