Back to the Future: What it Got Right About the Future

As most of us know today, October 21, 2015, is the day that Marty McFly travels to the future in the famous movie, Back to the Future II. Besides the whole time travel part, the movie got a lot right about what the future would hold technology wise.

In the movie, when they first arrive in the future Doc looks at his watch and is able to tell when it will stop raining. Now although it is not completely the same, one similar modern technology is the Apple Watch. Another innovation in the movie and in today’s life is video conferencing. In  the movie Marty talks to his former high school classmates, today Skype the primary videoconferencing site has made 8.5 billion dollars in one year alone.

Some other technology in the movie that we have today include mobile payments, virtual reality, and drones. At the time the movie was made, I’m sure people didn’t expect these things to ever exist and now they do. That is insane in my opinion. Not to mention that the movie predicts the Cubs winning the pennant, and today the were competing for the exact title.


3 thoughts on “Back to the Future: What it Got Right About the Future

  1. I completely agree with everything about this post. It is insane and crazy to think that when the movie came out people thought video chatting was just a silly dream of the future.


  2. its very funny to see how much the movie predict 2015 to be, it’s ironic that we actually have the capability to make some of those things come to life in the morning I wonder what we will come up with next


  3. I really love how much this movie predicted about the future and what we actually have similar today to it. Now we watch the movie and laugh but 30 years ago this was the thought of what the future would be like. We’ve come a long way and continue to grow.


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