Traditional Sports Media Faces New Media Obstacles

It is clear to everybody that all media outlets have been faced with a transition.  A transition that has been crossed by almost all outlets so far and each one has had their obstacles.  News outlets have had to figure out how to involve and engage communities.  Entertainment outlets began involving users with live tweets, periscope, and other various medias.  Now it is time for sport outlets more specifically ESPN to get join the team.

The difficulty ESPN is facing as a sports media outlet is fairly simple to understand.  While they are still a major player in the game they are beginning to see a slight drop in participation.  “ESPN lost nearly 3.2 million subscribers in under one year”, this is substantial considering the history they have in sports.  The problem they’re having is user preference where most of their fan base use to come from television.  Now they have to integrate to form a new fan base around social media.  The major difficulty with this is that sport teams are also on social media.  This is heavy competition considering teams can have reporters that are posting live updates to the tune of each play.

People are beginning to cut the cord as a result of new media outlets which causes media broadcasters to change their perspective.  Since ESPN has no control over the content they will have to find a way to appeal in a way to regain their lost subscribers.  The competition sport broadcasters face is high and innovation will be needed to keep subscribers.



3 thoughts on “Traditional Sports Media Faces New Media Obstacles

  1. The amount of times sources like ESPN are losing followers to social media are increasing everyday. There is no reason for people to watch a show like Sportscenter when they can pick and choose what they can hear, read and watch from their and other social media accounts. Many consumers are considering this a good thing that they now hold the power but i can be detrimental to businesses.


  2. I have to agree ESPN needs to step up their game and get with times. I no longer get sports updates on my phone from ESPN because apps like Bleacher Report are the way of the future in sports media and updates. Bleacher Report allows you to follow your favorite teams and sports and get various updates as you wish to receive them. If ESPN wants to stay relevant in the sports world they need to figure out how to get across the social media platforms.


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