Make Life Plans with Technology by your side

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Technology is seducing us every day. The habitual advancement and upgrades are necessities involved in our daily habits. I know that when I come into ownership, my house will indeed be advanced by technology. If a full wall of my child’s room is covered in chalkboard paint with a chalk bin attached, then why not have a complete wall of my own room be a digital touch screen and no need for a mirror. My technological wall will simulate one. After all, some bedrooms are too small for anything other than a bed.

Who wants a house without crucial amenities to tell you if the milk went sour, or the probability of maggots festering from the bulk you stored in an unregulated cabinet of the pantry a month ago? The disgusting things about nature that can add troubles and disgust to your busy lives consumed with family, career and school.

Let’s face it, if you are a man, you will love technology. If you are a mom, you will find an appreciation for it. Just in case you don’t already know, it was said that the American dream was originally composed of a white picket fence, 2.5 children, a dog, a career, and a loving spouse. People believe this notion has gone away, but it has simply evolved.

You can still have your fence and it doesn’t have to be white. It can be invisible. Or even a pond built as a parameter around your property. A bridge included for passing over. Fences come in all sorts of designs. Next, let’s focus on the 2.5 kids you want to invest in. Meet someone compatible who has a child from a past relationship. If you aren’t already a parent of one or two yourself, throw a baby bash, because, more than likely, you will have another. So congrats! Maybe it will be twins! Technology can help with this too. If you have kids, they will make you get a dog. A fish, if your family is low maintenance. When it comes to finding a spouse in America, you’ve got options galore and counting.  However you might have competition when it comes to gainful employment.

Bicentennial man, Robot and Frank, iRobot, The Matrix and In Time are movies that really fascinate audiences desiring this type of lifestyle in spite of the obvious malfunctions that come along. Nothing is error-proof. But technology is designed to keep us fluid in our daily lives. Not dictate what we do. On the spectrum of this topic, that concept still scares many. However, they will still be satisfied with gadgets such as outdoor cameras surrounding their property and vehicle to ensure the safety of their family. There is a bit of technology that can satisfy everyone. If not, just customize what suits you until someone else makes it.


2 thoughts on “Make Life Plans with Technology by your side

  1. Very interesting post to say the least. I loved the beginning of the blog, it really had me wanting to read on more. You have a great point about the chalkboard, only thing is the pricing. If we want our houses to be technologically sound, then we have to drop tons of money into it. In less they drop the price of large touch screens, I am not sure about how many chalkboards you want in the house, haha. But all in all, I was interested throughout the blog!

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