I’m A Prisoner To Facebook, And Laziness Is The Warden

I joined Facebook on September 27, 2007. That’s exactly one year and a day after the social media giant opened up to everyone who was at least 13 years of age with a valid email address, and I’ve been an active member ever since. So active in fact, that I’m sure I can count the days that I haven’t used Facebook on my fingers with maybe a couple of toes. That’s pretty sad to admit, but it’s also easy to explain. See, Facebook is literally everything someone could possibly need on the internet under one roof; your friends, family, favorite pop-culture icons, businesses, classmates, and more are all right there at your fingertips! But what’s got me truly hooked is my laziness. Up until about a year ago, the “Connect [With Facebook]” button has been my go-to source for creating and logging into what I could only assume is about 100 different services. That’s a lot.

FB ConnectMaybe it’s because I have always given myself a pretty ridiculous work load and simply love the idea of saving time, but the more I sign into a service through Facebook, the more I remember why I have such a hard time breaking away from it; you need Facebook to keep using the services you’ve connected to. I first discovered this when I tried deactivating my Facebook for about a week not too long ago. After spending about 10 minutes in a waiting room, I grew bored and thought it was time to play a few rounds of Candy Crush, but unfortunately it didn’t work. I couldn’t play at all because I technically didn’t have the account that I registered with; my Facebook. The same thing happened with Spotify, Words With Friends, and even a few websites I occasionally like to visit! It’s absurd, and most of the time you can’t even sign in with the email, which has essentially made me a prisoner to Facebook. Does anyone else feel this way for any reason at all?


3 thoughts on “I’m A Prisoner To Facebook, And Laziness Is The Warden

  1. This is something I never have really thought about but it really is a good point. Facebook connects us, not only to each other, but to everything else on the internet. I think it is very convenient, although, I can see where you are coming from.


  2. I completely agree. Facebook is the most popular website on earth, it would be hard to NOT be a prisoner to it! I have also had the same experiences with logging into accounts via Facebook. I think it is crazy how much control a website can have over us.


  3. I could agree with this but have separated myself from it by using my email to subscribe to services. These social medias are also addictive I spend hours checking them out almost everyday its really sick. I can’t believe how much social media is integrated into society it is crazy to think about. It’s the way our world is going and I’m not sure if it’s due to mediocrity or what. I mean knowing that social media has decreased attention spans around the globe troubles me. But all in all everything boils down to 26 letters and 10 numbers so getting your knowledge from a short post should be enough.


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