New Technology in Home Security Systems

Home security systems are a fairly common item to have in the United States today. People want to ensure that their homes and property are safe at all times. One of the most inconvenient parts about buying a home security system has always been the extra hardware you need to buy for the system to work. Perch, is a new startup that came from Samsung Accelerator program. This new tool will allow for users to stop buying all the pointless hardware that has always been needed for a security system. This new tool will allow users to turn cameras they already have, into security monitors. Perch will allow you to use any tablet, smart phone, laptop, or USB based webcam. Lastly, Perch will give you the chance to choose which areas of the screen that you would like to monitor. If any unusual movements occur in the screen that you are monitoring, an alert will be sent directly to the user of the system.

I think that this new idea will make home security systems a lot more convenient. With all the new advancements in our society, people are always looking for the newest and best options. By eliminating some of the hardware required for security systems, people will love a simpler way to protect their homes. Personally, I would definitely invest in this new security system option.


3 thoughts on “New Technology in Home Security Systems

  1. Very interesting article here. I find it crazy how technology these days can allow the to user to use the Perch program with any tablet, smartphone, laptop, or USB based webcam.


  2. I was so happy when I heard that survaliancing your property is going to be more common. Answering your door bell by phone app, is such a great thing. You can prevent the continuation of midnight ding-dong ditch with entertaining those naughty youth by scaring them so good in a non-violent way especially in the Fall season or calling the police with adequate evidence.


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