Businesses Can Now Advertise On Instagram.

We all love a good Instagram post right?  I know I sure do.  From seeing your friend’s photos of vacations to seeing a picture of your sister’s new born baby,  Instagram gives people the ability to create images that will last a life time.  Now this social media will be getting in the hands to all businesses to advertise their products to users worldwide!

In Cindy King’s article she goes in depth of what exactly is going on with how businesses’ will show off their new products.  A person will now see an image or video of a product automatically on their timeline.  If a person is interested they can click on the page and find out more about an item.

Personally I think this a great way for businesses to show off their stuff.  Social Media is a free tool that everyone uses, so it would be pointless for companies not to try and reach out to a new target market.  I don’t think this will do any harm to the company Instagram.  I recently saw some advertisement on my timeline and if I found it to be annoying I just hit the ignore button and forgot about it.  Instagram has nothing to loose and this is extremely helpful because this service is free to all businesses!

Oct 15, 2015


One thought on “Businesses Can Now Advertise On Instagram.

  1. I agree with having companies become more and more a part of the digitally social age. It’s important to advertise, but I’ve noticed myself leaning towards fun ads on places like Instagram and more willing to purchase an item. It’s easy to join social media, but once online they should be careful to be direct towards the right customers or they may be ignored or annoy many.


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