Say Cheese! Photo Booths are Becoming Vital Additions to Companies

The next time you walk into a store or company location, you might be able to take an awesome looking picture at a photo booth. Companies all over the world are now implementing photo booths that take pictures of customers having a good time while shopping or enjoying certain services or products.

Personally, I enjoy taking photos and posting them to social media to share with friends and family. With a recent spike in social media users, now is the time to engage consumers through a simple way of taking photos. Today’s generation is all about social media and posting selfies as well as their viewpoints on common topics and specifically the products and services that they use or consume. This not only creates consumer engagement, but it creates a social media boost for the company and also spreads the brand or product through the use of social media. “The kiosks, which are often free for customers, allow companies to collect information like email addresses or Twitter handles, and to let customers opt in to receive updates.” The photo booths are also a genius idea of marketing to the consumer in ways that they would not necessarily notice because they are distracted by the amusement of the photo booths. Companies simply ask for emails and social media handles in order to send their images to their consumers. Companies also gain an inventory of their consumers and begin marketing to them through those platforms. Analytic data from social media is an im08PHOTOBOOTH2-articleLargeportant part of the industry and is taken into account in regards to improving a business.

Photo booths are enhancing companies and engaging consumers and it seems to be a positive thing for both parties.


One thought on “Say Cheese! Photo Booths are Becoming Vital Additions to Companies

  1. I have noticed that a lot more stores have set up photo booths recently. They were all over malls when I was younger and I don’t know if the nostalgia factor is worth actually paying to take photos in a photo booth. Very interesting topic.


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