New Smartphone App Allows Live Broadcasting on YouTube

Live in Five, a new smartphone app available on iPhone and Android devices, will enable live streaming on YouTube. The app uses your smartphone’s built in camera and microphone to broadcast video live and in real-time through a Google+ connected YouTube channel.

The app would potentially, in my opinion, make the news more accessible to broader audiences. The number of households without cable is increasing and more and more people are resorting to the internet to get their news. While the internet can provide “live” news through Twitter updates or other social media, but watching a news story develop in video format as it develops is usually something that is reserved for cable news. Unlike cable news, however the journalist can form their story around what the audience wants to see. As the journalist receives YouTube comments, they are able to get feedback and real-time and adjust the story accordingly. Perhaps most importantly, the cellphone aspect makes for portable live broadcasting. In the past, live broadcasting on the internet had been done through webcams and laptaps, so they required a journalist to be stationary during a live broadcast. This also meant that stories were not live broadcasted as they happened or where they happened. The Live in Five app allows the journalist to bring the live broadcast directly to the scene of the story and to audiences who cannot get the same information from cable news.



3 thoughts on “New Smartphone App Allows Live Broadcasting on YouTube

  1. Although I do think this is a cool new feature for YouTube, I’m having a hard time figuring out how useful I thin it will be…One one hand, people without cable in their houses may use this as a way to watch the news. However, how many of us actually WATCH the news? Most people at this point use their smartphones to get the news already, but via social media where it doesn’t have to be watched, it can be consumed immediately through Twitter, Facebook, etc. This is an interesting new feature for YouTube, I just don’t know how useful it will end up being.

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  2. I think live streaming on YouTube is a great advancement for the platform. So many platforms have been implementing news-related improvements to their functions, such as Facebook’s Instant Articles, Snapchat’s Live Stories and partnerships with major companies, and Twitter’s Moments. It is about time YouTube differentiates itself into the headlines. While I completely understand the point that @allierudy makes in her comment about many people not “watching” the news as much as reading it in articles or on sites (that’s definitely me), I think YouTube is making an effort to target a new demographic. For the most part, when I think of YouTube I imagine younger generations posting and searching for funny videos to pass the time or students looking for tutorials. Now, however, YouTube can reach out to adults and homeowners. Many are “cable cutters” and may rely on watching the news or episodes online, after the fact. YouTube is creating a competitive advantage in this situation, as many of the online news sites don’t offer live streaming unless you have a cable service provider username and password. So, not only will live, mobile streaming impact the process of journalism and on-scene reporting, YouTube may even become the new hub for news aggregation – in real time.

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