Facebook challenges Youtube with new video viewing features.

Facebook has added three new features that will affect their user’s video viewing experience. One new feature will display suggested videos much like Facebook’s competitor, Youtube. After a video finishes, a row will appear which displays other videos that may interest the viewer. I know that a large indicator of success when it comes to social media applications is how long a user stays on the application. This feature can only increase the amount of time a user stays on Facebook. Before this feature, if a user wanted to watch more related videos they would have to leave Facebook and go to another video hosting site.
The second introduced feature allows for a video to be viewed in a floating box. This can facilitate multitasking when only hearing the audio will suffice for the video viewing experience. I can see this feature cutting the amount of time someone spends on Facebook because a person can view their feed and finish the video at the same time. Although, the added convenience may make someone more likely to use Facebook over another social media application. The third feature is a save button that allows a user to view a video later.

I see competition in the social media world as only a good thing. I would much rather have a one stop shop for all my social media needs rather than 10 applications I have to keep up with. If I had to pick one feature to keep it would be the suggested videos feature. Having suggested videos appear horizontally below a video doesn’t clutter my feed and gives me the option to continue watching.



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