New ways to feel like the “boss” thanks to new startup app called YesBoss

This new Indonesian start up company already has other companies looking to invest and it just started. “Indonesia is a massive market, with 74 million middle-class and affluent consumers as of 2013, according to the Boston Consulting Group.” With a vastly growing market behind them this company could even land its feet in the US in the next few years.

YesBoss says they will deliver anything and everything or do whatever you need with just a simple text. As long as they required task is legal of course. They are similar to some American companies such as Alfred and Taskrabbit but what sets them apart is the fact that they will literally do anything. Just send a simple text and someone from YesBoss will get back to you with a price that’s already incorporated their delivery fee. No need for thinking of a tip as its already included.

As the word will know is forever growing and expanding companies like YesBoss will always be relevant. As a culture we are always tended to go towards whats easier, but with YesBoss now there is an easy way to be lazy and get what you need all while feeling that sense of control that so many have been accustomed to love. The market for these companies is limitless as more and more people find it’s much easier to have people do your boring household tasks for you.

This article was written on October 9 by Max Taves


One thought on “New ways to feel like the “boss” thanks to new startup app called YesBoss

  1. Although there are similar businesses to YessBoss such as Alfred and Taskrabbit, this is a smart invention because its taking somewhat complicated tasks and making them simpler. Simplicity is something this era doesn’t necessarily need but is a huge fan of. I feel the more simple and effective a product or service is, the more successful it will be.


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